Distributed Generation & the Smart Grid, Partners in Your Business

For decades industries and larger companies have played a major role in moving distributed generation and smart grid technology forward as they work to find cost savings in generating their own electrical power. Smart grids offer efficient management of that on-site power generation allowing forward thinking companies to reduce their electrical spending and avoid the risk of unplanned downtime due to the reliability of their own smart microgrids.

And the movement toward independent distributed generation of power and smart grid reliance is growing as fast as the technology allows. As of 2Q 2017, Navigant Research has identified 1,842 project entries, representing 19,279.4 MW of operating, under development, and proposed microgrid capacity and 173 new projects (globally).”

Smart Grid, Smart Company

When industries and larger companies generate, store, and use their own electricity they are able to reduce or eliminate the amount of power they buy directly from the major power companies providing for big cost savings. Thanks to smart grid technologies these modern distributed generation microgrids are able to be completely disconnected from the major centralized and regional power producers. The increase energy use efficiency increases cost savings further and makes a smart grid the perfect partner for your business.

Saving Power for a Rainy Day, Diesel vs Battery Storage

Micro grids often use diesel generators but can include other sources of energy production too. Hydroelectric, solar and wind production, and hybrids of these and other sources is not uncommon. Despite the many choices available to add power sources to a smart grid according to Navigant Research, “Diesel capacity remains the leading generation technology in terms of total capacity”

There is a reason diesel backup remains the leading choice. Reliability is always an important issue so planning for backup power is crucial. While battery storage comes to mind quickly it may not be the best solution for temporary outages and it certainly isn’t for long power interruptions. Battery power storage is short lived and expensive, but diesel offers advantages. It costs less over all, it provides for more consistent power over a longer (almost indefinite) period of time, the equipment has a smaller footprint, and the power for energy used is more efficient.

Affordable and Reasonable Solutions

It’s true that industries and larger companies have played a major role in moving distributed generation forward and increasing the need for smart grid technology, but it’s innovative companies like Rodan Energy that are delivering those high tech energy management solutions to large consumers, distributors and power producers.  It’s possible to find meaningful, affordable, and reasonable, long term energy solutions for your company. Ask us, we’ll show you how.