Remote Monitoring & SCADA Solutions

One of the essential requirements for connecting a large project to the transmission or distribution system is the requirement for Remote Telemetry.  Remote Telemetry allows the CA to obtain near-real-time information on the analog power system quantities as well as equipment-status of facility switches, breakers, and AVR signals. This information allows the CA to run real-time load flow scenarios and contingency analysis required to ensure the stability of the grid.

Rodan Energy will program and install IESO-approved RTUs at your facility and perform end-to-end tests to ensure that all signals are being properly transmitted and received in the IESO Control Room. When it comes to selecting the best protocol to talk to your remote IEDs, we will ensure that the minimum refresh rates can be met. Depending on client needs, redundant LAN paths can be utilized to ensure superior up-time for your telemetry system. In addition to providing monitoring to the CA, outputs can be provided to your local control room allowing your operators to have this critical real-time information at their fingertips. Users connected to the Bulk Power System (>100kV) can use this data for term data logging in order to satisfy NERC requirements. 

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