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Our predictive tools and peak management services will maximize your Global Adjustment cost savings with an almost immediate return on investment.

Step 1 : Plan

Our specialists will work with you to develop a peak reduction plan (electricity reduction or back-up power systems).

Step 2 : Notification

Our NOC issues peak reduction advisories and notifications, as well as expert care and support throughout the peak periods.

Step 3: Verification

For this optional service, we measure and verify your performance, ensuring savings are properly reflected on your electricity bill.

Rodan Energy can help reduce your annual GA costs to as little as $0.

Businesses pay GA based on their electricity consumption during the top five system peaks in a 12-month period. Those that curtail or switch to on-site generators during a peak can significantly reduce their annual GA costs.

Avoid Paying More

You will receive notices/reporting well in advance of the peak season occurring. As we approach a peak day, alerts are sent that identify those hours at risk of becoming a peak. We'll give the best hours to curtail based on your tolerance for risk.

GA Tariff is expected to rise

As Ontario develops more renewable power and conservation projects, it is critical to begin implementing strategies to reduce your GA – it could mean saving your facility hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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