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Facility Managers across Canada are making money from shedding load

Ontario's demand response programs pay facilities to curtail their energy consumption or switch to on-site generation during peak hours.

Experience Counts

As Canada's largest aggregator, we manage over 100,000 load control devices in almost every industry to reduce peak energy usage.

Who can enroll?

Most C&I customers are qualified to participate in the program. Fill out the get started form on this page to speak with one of our energy experts.

Zero Cost

Our in-house expertise with various DSM programs, engineering and metering virtually guarantees customers earn their full potential.

The City of Toronto is pleased to be working with Rodan Energy as our DR provider. Their technical capability, local presence, and industry experience will be critical to our success.

Manager of the Energy Efficiency Office, City of Toronto

Earn financial incentives, conserve energy, increase energy reliability and protect the environment.

Our energy managers will help you turn this opportunity into a competitive edge for your facility by helping to develop a demand response strategy. There’s no cost and no capital investment required.

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