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The utility business is an asset-intensive business. Centralized decision-making regarding asset investments is key to minimizing the total Life Cycle Cost of your assets and to plan your costs rather than react to them. Our engineers will evaluate information contained within various electronic and offline tools and databases and drawings to assess its validity in determining the age, condition and reliability of the distribution system, the condition profile of the installed system, and to prepare a strategic plan for replacement of equipment as it reaches the end of its useful service life. We will undertake to provide this information in a usable format with the level of detail required that will allow you to make strategic decisions on future operations and expenditures based on these assets and prepare documentary reports which can be used to back up rate submission applications.

With the data gathered in the Initial Asset Survey and Asset Inspection/Data Gathering stages, our specialists will be able to perform a full engineering evaluation of the system and identify a time line in which the assets should be replaced. An Asset Decision Tool will be used to evaluate and prioritize the management of the distribution assets. A number of numerical factors will be applied to calculate the impact that influencing factors will have on each individual asset and the resultant risk/impact on the distribution system. Risk criteria will be evaluated by condition, reliability, safety, economic impact, and age.

In order to choose and prioritize inspection and maintenance activities, it is necessary to have a formal process so that decisions can be justified to stakeholders and regulators. Rodan Energy will review current maintenance practices to assess whether changes in current maintenance schedules and/or procedures could contribute to extending the life of current assets. Rodan Energy will evaluate and standardize a policy for regular inspection of assets so that they may be maintained, and so that maintenance priorities can be identified. We will acquire, if available, reliability statistics for comparable benchmark LDCs or industry norms considering the OEB categories. Our experts would be able to advice on deferrals that can be accommodated to achieve the improvements in reliability that you are seeking while balancing the financial ability to pay for those improvements.


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