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Reduce Your Global Adjustment Costs with Peak Tracker

Rodan’s product and service offerings deliver strong returns to customers by dramatically reducing energy and peak demand costs with minimal impact to facility operations. It is powered by:
  • industry leading patented software
  • predictive algorithms driven by machine learning
  • multiple proprietary data sets
  • strong regulatory expertise
  • 15 years of leadership in the industry
  • a demonstrated history of success

Rodan is the Market Leader in Demand-Side Management

Why Choose Rodan Energy’s Intelligence Suite


We combine market intelligence with facility intelligence for best results.

Rodan offers a comprehensive suite of SaaS-based energy intelligence tools that enable large energy users to reduce their 
total energy spend on an ongoing basis. By utilizing Rodan’s advanced algorithms and market intelligence, we provide insights into the facility operations, giving our clients powerful tools to minimize their total energy spend.

Peak Tracker Dashboard

Market Intelligence

Rodan provides large C&I customers with the predictive tools and peak management services to minimize peak demand charges, such as Global Adjustment or earn Demand Response revenues through a two-step process:
Step 1 – Planning: We analyze your historical energy data and assess your operations to develop a peak reduction plan through curtailment or installing a peak power system.

Step 2 – Notification: Market Intelligence system employs proprietary software, data sets, and algorithms to monitor the power grid, weather, and energy markets. We provide real-time information and precise peak notification. All these tools are supported by a team of experienced energy managers.

Facility Intelligence

Data-Driven Inputs

  • C&I customer energy usage and operational data
  • Market price data
  • Market energy usage
Facility Intelligence

Data-Driven Outputs

  • Energy usage reporting
  • Predictive usage modeling
  • Reduction considerations
  • Energy portfolio
  • Collects information from customer designated data collection points (electricity, gas, water, steam, etc.) and aggregates the information into an easy to interpret management dashboard.
  • Enables users to analyze their consumption patterns and better manage operations to lower their energy usage and overall energy spend.
  • Energy analysts provide advice, reports, and support for data analysis and planning.

Make the smart decision and allow Rodan to start reducing your total energy spend!

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