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Receive peak advice from the company relied on daily by energy traders for timely energy market data. 

Don’t think your company can curtail during peaks? As Ontario’s largest demand response provider, we are experts in evaluating facility loads and can help you find that sweet spot for savings.  

Ontario’s Global Adjustment charges account for the largest component of supply related charges. Our tools are designed with  the sole purpose of helping your reduce you GA charge as much as possible. 

Continuous Customer Value

  • Proprietary, peak optimized, load forecast
    better predict peak hours
  • 24/7 NOC of energy analysts & weather experts –
    better adjustments and notifications
  • Personalized peak tracking dashboard –
    actionable insights for better decisions
  • Performance reporting –
    easily show value and savings  

Options to Fit Your Business

We know that all energy users are not the same in their operating model, their ability to curtail and their ability to self-power their facilities.  Rodan provides curtailment widows and peak tracking dashboards to fit different needs and budgets. View the options.

We have options for every Class A customer.  From Industrial load curtailers to Commercial facilities running battery storage, we help you minimize GA chargers.

Want to order via monthly charges on your credit card?  Email vince.thomas@rodanenergy.com for easy setup.

Choose the package that fits your business. All packages include:

  • Notifications via email, text or phone
  • Peak tracker dashboard with real time load and weather forecasts
  • Day-ahead peak risk notifications
  • Day-of peak avoidance advice
  • In-day peak hour adjustments
  • Week ahead forecast report
  • Monthly Power Market Forecast report
  • Peak season primer webinar

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Peak Notification is part of Rodan’s leading Energy Intelligence Suite. Experience the power of the platform with our Market Dashboards, Facility Peak Tracker and Demand Response Portals.


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