We are fully versed in all the leading metering,
instrumentation, and communication technologies.
Our teams regularly design, procure, assemble and install transmission and distribution metering, telemetry, and sub-metering systems in a variety of applications.

Industries We Support

Making Sustainable, Attainable



Oil Refinery, Chemical & Petrochemical Plant



Power Producers

What We Do

We have experience metering every type of power delivery system including nuclear, hydro, fossil fuel, wind, solar, battery, flywheel, and other generating facilities. Rodan Energy Solutions metering services include the following:

We provide transmission and distribution grid-connected metering installations, and telemetry/RTU systems.

We manage your data by using our sophisticated revenue-grade metering data management systems and processes.

We monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve meter and metering system issues.

We procure, install and test meters, communication devices, and instrument transformers.

We offer programs for compliance, auditing, testing, and meter accuracy verification.

We specialize in assembly and fabrication of metering panels and cabinets.

We are experienced in sub-metering electricity and other commodities for multi-tenant, commercial, industrial, and generation facilities. We measure energy usage, monitor power quality, and verify energy efficiency initiatives.

We manage the overall MSMP program and its off-site services.

Fully integrated engineering, procurement, installation, and commissioning. Rodan is an IESO, AESO, NYISO registered Metering Service Provider.

In a brief snapshot of our MIST (Metering Inside the Settlement Timeframe) meter service, Rodan will verify the meter installation before and after the meter change, including cross-phase testing.  A Senior Project Manager will review all cross-phase tests to ensure accuracy. Rodan meter technicians will report any issuesat sites, including safety hazards and suspected meter tampering/diversion of energy. Our goal is to ensure your metering installation is accurate and reliable.

Utility Support Services

Engineering transmission and distribution
Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) design, installation, project management, communication infrastructure, and data collection
Engineering Calculations transformer and line loss
Distribution System Loss Studies
Asset Management and Mapping
Connection Impact Assessments
Energy Transfers accounting for non-metered energy transfers
Make the smart decision and allow Rodan to reduce your total energy spending!

Safety First

We are committed to maintaining our record of zero injuries and accidents through continuous monitoring and from the improvement of our safety processes.

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