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Expert insights & solutions for avoiding local peaks and reduce charges

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Better manage electricity peaks using our proprietary insights

Whether you plan to curtail, switch to DERs, or both Rodan has you covered

Peak Notification Service
Subscribe for timely alerts based on proprietary forecasts
Active Peak Management
Active Peak Management
From new DERs projects to optimizing existing assets
Peak Dashboards
Market insights and peak tracking at your fingertips

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Our Network Operation Center (NOC) captures over $28 Billions in energy commodities and transactions annually. With many metering points focused on large utility and grid-level connections, we can predict energy and electricity demand charges before they reach your facility.


From data analytics to prediction tools, Rodan's cloud-based software and Market Dashboard system allow your energy team and managers to react at the facility level in real-time. By combining our NOC intelligence with grid level information, we provide the right information analyzed for your site(s).


Rodan's EIS focuses on delivering savings to your bottom line. Empower your teams and give them the tools they need to control your energy expenditure and build energy resilience. Rodan's EIS has saved their clients millions across North America.
Bill reduction solutions

Businesses are reducing operating costs through strategic energy management


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Peak Notification Service

Combining local energy market intelligence, AI-powered forecasting, and proprietary modeling

Expert Advice

Guidance from energy analysts to help effectively manage peak

24/7 system monitoring
Network operation center monitoring weather & demand forecasts to create a proprietary system model.
Analyst & AI-driven insights
Determine peak days, risk hours and the probability of the peak sticking.
Notifications & Curtailment Advice
Email, text, or phone alerts synced with dashboard advising when curtailment is advised to avoid a peak.
Personalized communications




Actionable insights communicated at the right time – week-ahead, day-ahead and day-of with in-day adjustments

Color coded with easy-to-understand urgency levels
Human verified curated advice fro 24/7 NOC
Links to in-depth analysis, live data, graphs, and charts
Real-time Market Insights

Powerful, peak-optimized energy dashboards

Whether it’s tracking your real-time energy use, generating savings reports, or monitoring the dynamics of your local energy market, we have you covered.

Market Dashboard Elite
Market Dashboard Elite
Fully customizable dashboards with proprietary forecasts, and in-depth trader level energy market data to stay on top of de-reregulated energy markets. Alarm thresholds and alerts in addition to all peak management information.
Peak Tracker Facility Dashboard
Peak Tracker Facility Dashboard
Combining real-time facility electricity usage with energy market info, weather forecasts and curtailment advice. All the peak event day information you need to track, manage and report.
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    Peak Management Solutions

    Peak planning services from curtailment planning to generator dispatch and DER integration.

    DERS, Battery Storage & Generator Management

    Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are assets placed on-site that help large electricity consumers manage their peak electricity and demand charges. DERs can be used to earn new revenue streams, save more money, improve power reliability, and build resilience for your facilities.

    Rodan’s DER optimization service can remotely operate and maintain energy resources and maximize their earning potential….beyond peaks. Even systems designed primarily as backup power can be managed to handle peaks and potentially even be part of a demand response strategy. Savings and additional revenue without operational disruption!

    With Battery solutions, there is a fixed time window for the energy they can supply, (2 to 3 hours). Rodan’s peak notification services and energy optimization are designed to work with these time windows, providing the most accurate peak prediction windows in order to avoid peaks without disruption to operations.

    Rodan’s EnergentTM DER Platform

    Technology agnostic
    Robust, reliable & clean
    Minimum run-time
    Quiet and non-instrusive
    Never disrupt operations
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