Understanding Energy Management
in Your Region: MISO-Ameren

Rodan Manages Energy in the MISO Region Serviced by the Ameren Power Company in Illinois

Did You Know?

Businesses that can curtail
≥ 1 MW during the highest peaks of the year can save anywhere from $80k to $85k MW-year.

New Challenges Require New Strategies to Deliver Energy Savings

On-going grid modernization and the transition to cleaner, renewable generation have increased the cost to deliver power to businesses.

Delivery costs in Ameren continue to increase each year as a result of grid modernization, long-range transmission upgrades and the replacement of coal with renewable generation. The charges to deliver electricity to your business comprise about a third of your monthly bill.

Weighing the Options

MISO offers Demand Response (DR) programs such as Operating Reserves and Planning Resources in which participants can earn incentive payments to reduce consumption when the grid is stressed. However, these programs do not address demand charges.

Demand charges are based on a facility’s consumption that coincides with the hour with the highest demand each month on the Ameren system. Reducing consumption during this hour will considerably reduce monthly electricity costs

The Rodan Difference

Our Technology
Our Technology
Rodan uses data analytics and advanced AI with proprietary algorithms to forecast when the grid will be strained so that our customers know when to strategically reduce their energy consumption at the times when Ameren calculates costly demand charges on your utility bill.
Our Approach
Our Approach
Rodan will work with your facility to develop strategies and solutions to intelligently reduce power usage without impacting productivity so you can take full advantage of all these opportunities.
We value-stack our advanced technology and expertise with the most suitable DR programs to match your unique operational capabilities and deliver the greatest combination of savings and incentives available.

Receive Alerts so You Know When to Curtail
– We Make it that Simple

Peak Notification
Peak Notification

Forecasting Accuracy with Rodan’s Peak Notification System

  • Forecast updated hourly versus daily from the ISO.
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center & system monitoring
  • Live energy experts

Flexible Notification Preferences

  • Customized to your preferences (email/text/phone)
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How Transmission Charges Are Set in Ameren

Transmission Charges

  • Infrastructure and operating costs to build and maintain high-voltage electrical power, passed on from the Utility.
  • Frequency & Duration: Facility’s usage during the highest monthly demand (for a 1-hour interval) on the Ameren system.

Changes in Ameren
Cost of Electricity

Transmission Charges Continue to Increase

Did You Know?

Reducing 1% of Annual Energy Consumption Can Reduce 30% of Your Electricity Bill
  • Delivery charges for large users comprise about 30% of the total cost of electricity.
  • Transmission charges comprise the largest component of delivery charges.
  • These charges are based on the facility’s usage that coincides with highest monthly peak demand on the grid. This is less than 1% of annual facility consumption.