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Optimized Distributed Energy

Rodan’s Energent Suite of products and services helps make sustainable attainable

Energy Optimizer
Energy Optimizer
Monetizing assets including arbitrage
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
DERs providing power flexibility
Energy Storage
Energy Storage
Smart energy consumption
Microgrid Control
Microgrid Control
Facility level solutions including retrofits
Energent Energy Optimizer

Get the most out of your grid-connected assets

Optimizing energy use and maximizing the revenue opportunities from DER assets, microgrids and your facility load

Rodan's Energent DER Platform

Technology agnostic
Robust, reliable & clean
Minimum run-time
Quiet and non-instrusive
Never disrupt operations
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Award Winning

Industry recognized technology leaders

Environment + Energy Leader recognized the excellence in Rodan’s Energent SCADA-as-a-Service product in managing the microgrid at “Canada’s first carbon-neutral school”.

Our solution provides facilities with innovative technology that improves environmental management, energy management, and increases the bottom line. 

Award Details
Project Overview

Judge's Comments

Here’s what the selection panel had to say about Rodan’s Energent SCaaS

"The application of such a solution will reduce GHG emissions, decrease energy costs and help operators make informed decisions."

"This is what most organizations need to do to most of their large sites world-wide.“

“This is a complete package that integrates the best efficiency measures for a facility with the generation, storage, and grid interactions that all facilities will need in the future.”

Transform Power Costs into a Competitive Advantage

We can reduce your total energy spend by integrating power systems, controls, and peak advisory technology that will maximize demand response revenues along with savings from peak shaving opportunities

Zero Cost
Zero Cost
Expend zero upfront capital, receive the benefits of a behind-the-meter Battery Energy Storage System or natural gas-powered generator.
Power Reliability
Power Reliability
Protect your facility from unplanned outages while maintaining processes and productivity.
Turn-Key Installation
Turn-Key Installation
In-house experts across all disciplines, ready to install the best solution for your facility.
Fully Managed
Fully Managed
Rodan brings more than two decades of experience to manage your project seamlessly from start to finish.
Peak Demand Savings
Peak Demand Savings
Reduce or eliminate your demand charges by operating the asset during peak times.
Demand Response Revenue
Demand Response Revenue
Create new revenue streams through electricity market programs based on load availability.
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Turnkey DER Solutions

Full design, engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning with continuous operation by Rodan’s network operation center (NOC).

No Capital Cost
No Capital Cost
Rodan own and operate assets to maximize savings. Project costs are finance by 3rd party and backed by a shared savings and operation agreement.
Long-term Partner
Long-term Partner
We are mutually invested to build the best project because we share in the success. We are always striving to deliver more.
Risk Management
Risk Management
Rodan assumes all regulatory and financial risk by creating multiple revenue streams. We diversity and stack revenue opportunities according to their value. Our Apollo Energy Optimizer automatically schedules the asset for dispatch to capitalize.
Idea to reality

Adding DERs is an achievable goal and Rodan is there to guide you every step of the way

Our fully integrated DER offering gives you one point of contact for idea to build and operation to maintenance

Feasibility Analysis

On-site visit to determine location, size and interconnection needs.

Business Case

Initial proposal where our analysts pair your consumption with grid programs

Detailed Analysis

Report identifying best-fit DER including technology selection

Finalize Scope

Create project engineering drawings, single line diagrams & detailed plans

Savings Agreement

Finalize the agreement for the operating terms of the DER asset


Memorandum of understanding to engage additional Rodan resources

Optimize & Maintain

Apollo Energy Optimizer control and dispatch via Rodan’s 24/7 NOC