Rodan Energy Helps Create Canada's First Energy Carbon-Neutral School

Rodan Energy Helps Create Canada’s First Energy Carbon-Neutral School

Rodan Energy Solutions participated in Canada’s first carbon-neutral school project, working alongside leading cleantech integrator Ameresco. The John Paul II Secondary School microgrid project, which included 2,700 solar panels on covered carports connected to a Tesla energy storage system, officially announced its commercial operation at the school’s ribbon-cutting ceremony on November 2, 2021. Rodan’s Energent Energy Optimizer™ serves as a key enabling technology for this microgrid project, optimizing how electricity is provided to the school.

As experts in energy markets and IESO energy programs, Rodan built algorithms were used in Ameresco’s Energy-as-a-Service financial model to maximize the school’s economic potential through continuous and real-time optimization of the energies of solar panels and battery energy storage system. Not only has the school become completely energy self-sufficient, but the microgrid project has delivered significant cost savings from a 68% reduction in baseline electricity costs.

Rodan’s Energent Energy Optimizer includes the following:

  • day-to-day control and energy management in both microgrid and grid-connected operation modes.
  • day-to-day data collection in both microgrid and grid-connection operation modes
  • remote discharging of the Tesla battery energy storage system
  • remote re-charging of the Testa battery energy storage system
  • continuous energy market price monitoring
  • economic dispatch
  • blended demand forecasts, including proprietary models
  • blended solar PV generation forecasts (short and long terms, (third party))
  • continuous health monitoring of the equipment and the protection devices
  • out-of-service email notification for equipment and protection devices
  • auto-generated operation reports (half-day and full-day) sent through automated email
  • algorithms to minimize utility demand charges
  • additional economic benefit through energy market participation (energy arbitrage, operating reserve, and demand response (future))

As a proponent of creating a sustainable energy future, Rodan Energy Solutions is continually working on innovative applications and developing new technology to support the viability of energy-efficient facilities and net-zero initiatives. The success at John Paul II Secondary School showcases that next level energy sustainability is indeed attainable.

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