Rodan Expertly Dispatches Remote Generation in Support of June 2021 DLRP Event in New York City

Rodan Expertly Dispatches Remote Generation in Support of June 2021 DLRP Event in New York City

The first evening curtailment event of ConEd’s DLRP program occurred on June 30th and impacted the entire Brooklyn service territory.  The catalyst behind this program activation was extreme high temperatures in the NYC area exceeding 90°F for several days before the event, resulting in unusually high evening temperatures and an extremely high air conditioning/cooling load on the distribution network.

DLRP program activation notices were sent out to all participants after receiving immediate activation from ConED at 8:50 pm. Rodan’s personnel immediately stepped through the detailed standard operating procedures for remote operation and dispatch of generation assets. Rodan subsequently activated their enrolled DLRP customers, which included remotely dispatched generation assets to assist with the load constraints. Via Rodan’s 24/7 Network Operations Center, customers were immediately contacted and notified of the required participation guidelines. As per program guidelines of the immediate DLRP activation, customers were required only to curtail one hour of the three-hour event.

The Rodan team effectively advised and activated appropriate resources resulting in 100% participation of their enrolled customer base. Late into evening hours, the Rodan team supported their customer base in real-time throughout the entire event. As an unexpected event, this DLRP activation will result in additional payments to their customers upon seasonal settlement.

During the same week, ConEd’s CSRP program was also activated. Many of the same customers contributed their assets and curtailable loads to the extreme load constraint experienced during the afternoon. The expertise to balance these programs and manage curtailment/dispatch windows is what Rodan delivers to their customers to ensure successful participation.

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