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Demand Response

DR is a widely adopted demand-side management tool used to balance the grid

Demand Response.

Proven DR Experience

Demand response (DR) is a widely adopted demand-side management tool that local utilities
as well as Electricity System Operators use to balance our grid.


When the grid experiences instability, grid operators can use demand response programs to encourage electricity consumers to reduce their electrical consumption. In return, large grid connected customers can earn revenue year-over-year while contributing to the reliability of their local grid.

The Rodan Advantage

Industry Leading Tools

Real-time demand response portal with 24/7 access
Facility Intelligence

Experienced Analysts and Engineers

Access to experienced energy analysts and in-house engineers
DR Energy Analyst

Intelligent Enrollment

Our team of experts look for all available demand response programs in your area. We will enroll you to maximize the revenue opportunity while minimizing impact to your operations
DR Intelligent Enrollment

Paired Services

Rodan’s Energy Intelligence Suite (EIS) and distributed energy resources (DERs) programs allow you to improve your demand response capabilities and increase earnings
DR Paired Services

Industries We Serve

To earn revenue in DR, you must be a grid-connected facility and be able to shift electrical load in response to program activations.











Distribution Centre & Cold Storage

Distribution Centre
& Cold Storage

Data Centre

Data Centre

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The DR Process

Rodan’s DR Program

Delivering simplified demand response services across North America.

With Rodan’s DR program, you will never be charged with any enrollment fees, carry any risk or need to oversee program rules. Rodan experts search your local area for all the best programs to earn the most revenue for your participation.

No Cost
No Risk
No Administration

Did you know you can be enrolled in more than one demand response program?

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With Rodan experts stack DR programs together and relay dispatch information to help you make the most from demand response.

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How You Earn Revenue

Rodan begins all demand response assessments with a free analysis of your electrical load to determine how much demand response you can safely provide.



Rodan secures DR space for all our contributors in a competitive auction within the local grid operators.


Once DR space is awarded, Rodan advises and helps contributors participate in their local market



Local grid operators monitor the balance of electric supply and demand. If there are grid constraints, grid operators will issue an activation notice to Rodan. Rodan communicates the details of activation to our customers and expectations for performance.



At the end of each DR season, Rodan settles earnings and you are paid for participating in demand reduction as well as having your facility load available to respond if required.

Demand Response Is Sustainable

In addition to earning revenue, demand response can help your company achieve goals to create a sustainable future.

  • Circular economy scores
  • Sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • Sustainability as a Strategy
  • Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Energy sustainability
DR Sustainability

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