Ontario Global Adjustment
2021 Primer

Key Updates for Facility Managers

The ICI is back!

One of the measures taken by the government to help with COVID economic recovery was the mandatory freezing of the ICI program for the base period May 1, 2020 to April 20, 2021.  This temporary hiatus effectively meant that most Class A customers were no longer incentivized to monitor and reduce electricity use during peak hours. The impact was immediately felt last summer with extreme peak scenarios of over 24,000 MW being reached.

However, the hiatus has not been extended; the hiatus is over. Facilities who are signed up to the ICI program have significant financial incentive to actively manage their energy use during Ontario’s 5 coincident peaks.

UPDATE: On April 26, 2021, the OEB published a staff bulletin providing clarification on the ICI program in 2021-22.  They indicate that while a company’s global adjustment charges will be based on 2019-20 consumption, their ICI eligibility will be based on 2020-21 consumption.  The full bulletin is linked below.  

  • Have you increased your electricity usage in the last year?
  • Not sure what this bulletin means for you?
  • Should you be  a Class A or Class B customer? 

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Multiple options are available to large energy consumers and Rodan Energy Solutions are experts at all of them. From behind-the-meter generation solutions to the industries best Peak Notification service, Rodan simply knows the most to save you the most.

2020 GA charge deferral

Another mechanism to help support businesses last year was a deferral of some 2020 Global Adjustment charges. That deferral was to spread those charges across the 12 months of 2021.  This means the GA charges from March, April and May 2020 are now being felt in your current 2021 energy bills. 

We can help you understand what portion of this $100 million charge will be applied to your bill.

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Rodan Energy Solutions can work with you to not only analyze your bills, but your company’s savings and earning potential. 

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Ontario’s updated Energy Plan

In the latest Ontario provincial budget, posted November 5, 2020, the government laid out the details of the new Comprehensive Energy Plan. You can read it here. The plan makes changes to the Global Adjustment allocations for industrial and commercial power users which were done to lower electricity bills and help keep Ontario businesses competitive.

What hasn’t changed is that active management of facility demand during peaks is still the most effective way of managing Global Adjustment charges. Businesses are still heavily incentivized to minimize the amount of power from the grid during peak times. Accurate peak prediction is the foundation of being most successful with these efforts.

Rodan can help you understand how much of your GA costs are going to the tax base and what is the new value of curtailment.

Ontario Peak Graph

Using Rodan’s premium peak prediction and peak notification services allows you to benefit from the same energy market monitoring and proprietary AI-based forecasting that is trusted daily by sophisticated energy traders across the province.

If load curtailment is simply not an option, then peak prediction is still core to most effectively using behind-the-meter generation/energy storage. Talk to us if you are interested in a new project or need help getting the most out of your existing energy assets.

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