Meet With Us at IPPSA 2024!

Meet With Us at IPPSA 2024!

We are excited to participate in the 30th Annual IPPSA Conference from March 10 to 12, 2024. It is a prime opportunity to connect with commercial and industrial energy users, as well as power distribution and generation companies, to explore new revenue generating opportunities!

At Rodan, we offer innovative energy management solutions driven by advanced analytics. Our Operating Reserve program includes additional energy generation capacity or load reduction capabilities that we maintain to balance supply and demand in real-time.

This program is crucial for ensuring the stability and reliability of the electrical grid. By participating in our Operating Reserve program, you can not only reduce costs but also generate a new revenue stream.

We would love to discuss your operational energy management needs!

BOOK a 15-min with us at BOOTH #20 HERE:

What Rodan Can Do For You:

  • Energy Management
  • Operating Reserve, SCADA & Dispatch
  • Renewable Energy Asset Optimization
  • Battery Storage & Generation
  • Systems Engineering
  • Metering, Data Management & Testing

NOT GOING TO IPPSA and want to FIND OUT MORE about how you can earn revenue from participating in Demand Response/Operating Reserve programs in your area:? Visit:

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