Peak Notification 2.0

Rodan’s newly released Peak Notification 2.0 ensures
large power users, battery operators, and other grid-connected resources accurately know when a peak will occur in fewer hours.

Save big on energy costs—decreasing production loss by up to 50% while hitting all Global Adjustment (GA) peaks!


As the cost of power grows, Rodan Energy continues to develop innovative tools that enable large users maximize their energy savings. Rodan’s Peak Notification 2.0 provides our clients with the ability to make informed decisions on when to reduce their power consumption during peaks in the electricity system and reduce their GA costs.


Alerts Issued Annually

Curtailment Hours Annually

AQEW Peaks Hit – Last 6 years
(Allocated Quantity of Energy Withdrawn)

Key Features

Models real-time Ontario market electricity demand to provide notice to subscribers when a coincident peak is expected to occur

Consistently hits all 5 AQEW coincident peaks in 2 hours curtailment windows 5 years in a row

No more than 13 alerts annually in the past 6 years

Hit all 5 AQEW peaks with only 20 hours on average of curtailment per year

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