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Energy managers across Ontario are making money from shedding load

Across Ontario, facilities in your industry are leveraging their demand response capabilities to curtail energy expenses and increase revenue. Ontario’s demand response programs pay facilities to curtail their energy consumption or switch to on-site generation during peak hours. Our energy managers will help you turn this opportunity into a competitive edge for your facility by helping to develop a demand response strategy. There’s no cost and no capital investment required.

Our Energy Manager will assess your capabilities and enroll you in the program that best suits your operating parameters. Sign up today to receive a free, one-on-one assessment to find out how much money your facility can make.


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“Demand response participants provide an important resource for Ontario. They are helping to phase-out our coal plants, increase our power system reliability and reduce wholesale price volatility that drives up the cost of power for everyone. Through its Enershift DR program, Rodan Energy is helping to build a better electricity system for all Ontarians.” – Jack Gibbons, Chair, Ontario Clean Air Alliance

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