How to Cut Electricity Costs via Distributed Energy Sources

How to Cut Electricity Costs via Distributed Energy Sources

Did you know that Ontario electricity prices have increased by 71% from 2008 to 2016? Meaning that costs of electricity in Ontario are double the Canadian average. The problem has aggravated voters, piled on costs for business – particularly factories and other industrial enterprises. Ontarians pay steeper rates for their power than any other province, and a decade’s worth of policy choices have made it that way.

Those rates also include the global adjustment for the province’s energy conservation programs, which covers the difference between the market price of electricity and the guaranteed contract prices paid to electricity generators.

In a 2015 report, Ontario’s auditor general said the global adjustment cost consumers $37-billion from 2006 to 2014, and will cost another $133-billion from 2015 to 2032. Some good news awaits those struggling with Ontario electricity and their energy spend.

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) with effective Energy Management can deliver clear benefits to your business and play a significant role in reducing your total energy spend and global adjustment fees while providing power reliability. Rodan Energy will build, own, operate and manage a turnkey DER solution at ZERO COST to you. In return, the energy savings we deliver will be shared with you.

Today, half the cost of electricity for large energy users is comprised of peak demand charges, which is based on when they use power. Rodan Energy is a North American leader in demand-side management solutions for large electricity users. We will reduce your total energy spend by integrating power systems, controls, and peak advisory technology that will maximize demand response revenues along with savings from peak shaving opportunities.

We are a leading smart grid integrator based in Ontario with a desire to transform your power costs into a competitive advantage. Rodan Energy is helping to develop a sustainable energy or the future energy resources in North America. Armed with efficient energy management technology, engineering, and metering solutions, we are leaders in demand-side management solutions for large electricity users.

By using the knowledge of Ontario’s electricity market and their power system expertise, Rodan Energy proficiently delivers energy and costs reports along with alternative solutions to cut those expenses while getting the premium service each consumer deserves.

Contact us today to see how our DER Solution can work for you.

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