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Enabling action through energy intelligence

Powered through our Network Operations Center (NOC), Rodan’s Energy Intelligence Suite (EIS) enables energy teams across North America to make intelligent energy decisions, saving them resources, time, and money every day.


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Energy Savings For Our Customers

Rodan’s suite of solutions combines model-based analytics of an Energy Management Intelligence System with expert energy analysts.

Managing energy is not easy, and clients depend on Rodan daily for insights that allow them to make intelligent energy decisions.

How We Help
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Our Network Operation Center (NOC) captures over $28 Billion in energy commodities and transactions annually. With many metering points focused on large utility and grid-level connections, we can predict energy and electricity demand charges before they reach your facility.

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From data analytics to prediction tools, Rodan’s cloud-based software and Market Dashboard system allow your energy team and managers to react at the facility level in real-time. By combining our NOC intelligence with grid level information, we provide the right information analyzed for your site(s).

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Rodan’s EIS focuses on delivering savings to your bottom line. Empower your teams and give them the tools they need to control your energy expenditure and build energy resilience. Rodan’s EIS has saved their clients millions across North America.

Are you ready to reduce your energy costs?

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