New York State
Demand Response Programs

Making Money Through Demand Response

In New York state, power consumers are paid to participate in Demand Response (DR) programs
to reduce electricity use when the power grid is stressed.

DR helps NYSIO and local New York utilities ensure grid reliability, keep energy prices stable
and aid in decarbonization.

Why Act Now?

Incentives are lucrative and for many companies the timing is right to explore additional revenue streams.
There are multiple programs available in New York and Rodan’s energy experts help manage every step of your participation.



Timely notifications to ensure you are easily able to perform to expectations​



Timely notifications to ensure you are easily able to perform to expectations​

Get Paid

Get Paid

Maximizing the benefits to your business from revenue generation and energy savings

Monetize Flexibility and On-site Generation

Whether you are exploring DR for the first time, or already participating, we are experts at understanding and unlocking what your business can do and then matching capabilities with the right programs. We make energy management effortless with solutions that allow you to focus on managing your business.

We provide:
  • an on-line portal providing real-time facility insights
  • standardized reporting of savings and revenue
  • remote, automated dispatch of equipment
  • optimized management of distributed generation, storage
  • and other controllable assets
  • supply management
Rodan’s 24/7 network opeartions center helps ensure on-time perfomance, safety and reliability.
New York DR Process

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