Rodan Energy Solutions delivers residential Demand Response to Ontario Utilities

Rodan Energy Solutions delivers residential Demand Response to Ontario Utilities

Mississauga, ON, Canada, May 2, 2016 – Rodan Energy Solutions was selected by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) as Ontario-wide Aggregation Operator & Dispatch Administrator to operate the peaksaverPLUS Demand Response Program for Ontario’s Local Distribution Companies (LDCs).  As the incumbent aggregation operator, Rodan Energy will continue to efficiently dispatch, support and manage approximately 320,000 Load Control Devices currently enrolled in the residential and small commercial peaksaverPLUS Program. To-date, the program has delivered approximately 160 MW in energy savings in the Province of Ontario when activated.

As the Province Wide Aggregation Operator for the IESO, Rodan Energy will continue to provide support for enrolled  peaksaverPLUS participants together with the local LDCs to ensure devices can communicate effectively with our multi-vendor Control System.

The Dispatch Administrator responsibilities include coordinating communication with the IESO and participating LDC operators with respect to demand response activations.  Rodan Energy will remotely activate load control devices to reduce the electricity demand of enrolled appliances and/or equipment on the Ontario electricity grid.  In addition, Rodan Energy will provide the IESO with new, forward-thinking methods for safe and efficient operations.

“As a leading North American provider of demand response and energy intelligence solutions, Rodan Energy is pleased to leverage its world-class Network Operation Centre to support the IESO and Ontario’s LDCs by operating a reliable, vendor-neutral and efficient DR platform,” stated Paul Grod, Rodan Energy’s President. “Our residential DR offering maximizes consumer choice by enabling multiple DR technologies to enroll onto Rodan’s EnerVu platform.  We are pleased to deliver a full suite of DR and EMIS solutions to commercial, industrial and residential consumers throughout North America.”

About Rodan Energy Solutions

Rodan Energy is a leading smart grid integrator delivering innovative energy solutions to electricity consumers, distributors and power producers. Combining our expertise in metering, engineering, demand response and energy information systems, we help our clients reduce their total energy spend.

Rodan Energy is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario with an Innovation Hub in Kitchener-Waterloo and a Western Region office in Calgary, Alberta.
For more information, please visit or contact:  Omi Sahota | Marketing Manager, Rodan Energy Solutions  Tel: (866) 999.5006 ext. 241






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