Rodan Makes its First Direct and Secure Connection to Green Button Connect My Data® (CMD) Platform in Ontario

Rodan Makes its First Direct and Secure Connection to Green Button Connect My Data® (CMD) Platform in Ontario

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – December 5, 2023:
Rodan Energy Solutions is pleased to announce that they have made their first connection to a secure Green Button Platform in Ontario with the ability to service commercial and industrial customers using the Connect My Data standard. Rodan is the latest Green Button application provider to be authorized and securely connected to London Hydro’s Green Button Platform, enabling Rodan to efficiently capture data that helps manage demand response programs for large energy users.

Green Button® Download My Data® (DMD) and Green Button® Connect My Data® (CMD) are the energy industry’s standard for enabling easy access to, and downloading or authorized sharing of, utility-customer energy, natural gas, and water usage data.

The Government of Ontario has mandated all utilities in Ontario to implement Green Button by the end of November 2023, to facilitate easier access of customer data to support energy efficiency, project measurement and demand response.

The standardized Green Button format allows Rodan to create and offer products and services based on energy usage gathered directly from customer meter data, fostering a more rapid rise in innovative solutions among application developers.

New third-party Green Button applications enable simplified and greater customer participation in Demand Response (DR), that utilize interval data. In addition, Green Button CMD platforms can provide a path forward for integrating customer-sited Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) into the grid.

 “Rodan Energy Solutions is very pleased to be at the forefront of this exciting new Green Button initiative with London Hydro and Fanshawe College.   As a technology leader of energy intelligence and DER operations, Rodan welcomes the opportunity to enhance its energy intelligence portfolio to better service its customers.”

Andre Sochaniwsky,
Senior Director Technology and Enterprise Data, Rodan Energy Solutions

Fanshawe College was the first to provide Rodan with permission to access meter data for their facilities via London Hydro’s Green Button Platform, which allowed Rodan to provide Fanshawe with daily electricity demand information.

London Hydro’s Green Button Platform offers a full-service App Marketplace that showcases these innovative solutions, allowing customers to authorize a direct, secure transfer of their data after selecting the solution that would best help them review, understand, and interpret their data and usage. These approved third parties will then begin pulling information and providing insights, trends, and forecasts, helping customers make informed decisions on managing and conserving energy. Access can be easily enabled or disabled online, without the necessity of signing and exchanging authorization documents, resulting in a faster, less time-consuming process.

“Rodan and Fanshawe College are an excellent example of how Green Button’s Connect My Data provides easy and secure access to energy data to help manage usage and reduce costs. London Hydro’s Green Button Platform allowed Fanshawe to easily and quickly leverage Rodan’s solution, streamlining data collection and simplifying the consumption reporting process.”

 – Syed Mir,
VP of Corporate Services and CIO for London Hydro

This collaborative effort between local utilities, third-party energy management companies and large users of electricity, will simplify energy management for property managers and support businesses with energy usage reporting required by Ontario Regulations on Energy Consumption.




About Rodan Energy Solutions
Rodan is a leading North American provider of Demand Response, Distributed Energy Resources (DER) asset optimization, Energy Intelligence Solutions (EIS), Metering, Telemetry & SCADA, and Power Systems Engineering. Serving commercial and industrial energy users as well as power distribution and generation companies.

Rodan is a proud member of the Green Button Alliance, working with government, utilities, and businesses – making sustainable, attainable. Visit RodanGBA to find out more.

About London Hydro
London Hydro Inc. delivers safe and reliable electricity to over 160,000 customers and is committed to being a trusted energy source provider through innovation, customer focus and operational excellence. As an early adopter of Green Button standards since 2015—and with Green Button Certified DMD since 2015 and Green Button Certified CMD since 2022—London Hydro has extensive knowledge in implementing Green Button standards-based solutions for several partners nationally in the electricity, water and gas industry.

For more information, please visit

About Fanshawe College
Fanshawe is a comprehensive college serving the greater London region by providing flexible learning arrangements and experiential education opportunities developed in response to labour market needs. Fanshawe offers more than 200 degrees, diplomas, certificates and apprenticeship programs to 43,000 students each year, helping people unlock their potential and achieve success in a variety of disciplines including applied arts, business, health care, human services, hospitality and technology.

About Green Button Connect My Data (CMD):
Green Button Connect My Data (CMD) is the industry standard for accessing and securely sharing energy- and water usage data. Green Button CMD allows utility customers to digitally access their electricity-, natural gas-, or water usage data and choose to authorize secure transfers of their data to third-parties and applications; enabling users to gain additional insights into managing and conserving their resource consumption. For energy managers of properties, access to standardized Green Button energy data in the Green Button XML data format significantly streamlines energy-management and consumption reporting. Utilities can maximize their metering infrastructure by utilizing their Green Button CMD platform to offer a host of new energy-data –enabled services. Third-party developers using standardized Green Button technology can more-rapidly develop applications and services that work seamlessly with other Green Button implementations. To ensure utility-provided Green Button CMD solutions will comply to the current version of Green Button standard, the Green Button Alliance offers the Green Button Testing and Certification Program. The Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI) standard for Green Button is published by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB).

About Green Button Download My Data (DMD):
Green Button Download My Data (DMD) is the industry standard for enabling utility customers (homeowners, business owners, property managers, and commercial and industrial energy managers) to manually download their electricity-, natural gas-, or water usage data from their utility’s website in Green Button XML format with the simple selection of the data and a click of a virtual green button. Utility customers can access their historical and current usage data, analyze trends, and make informed resource-management choices; or, they can provide their files to other entities of their choosing for further assistance. Utilities offering Green Button DMD solutions can examine the structure of their DMD files for accuracy to the standard at the GBA’s Download My Data Validator for free before applying for Green Button Certified DMD testing.

About the Green Button Alliance:
The Green Button Alliance (GBA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed to foster the development, compliance, and global adoption of compliant Green Button implementations. The GBA is comprised of leading utilities, governmental departments and agencies, solution providers, and affiliated organizations that collaborate to advance the Green Button initiative of enabling energy consumers around the world to access and share their energy- and water usage data for managing their consumption. The GBA educates the market on the broad benefits of the Green Button standard, encourages standards-based application development, and administers the Green Button Testing and Certification Program to accelerate the delivery of standardized Green Button technologies to energy consumers.


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