Rodan Energy Solutions Reinforces Position as Ontario's Largest Demand Response Provider

Rodan Energy Solutions Reinforces Position as Ontario’s Largest Demand Response Provider

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – December 8, 2022 – The IESO released the results of its province-wide Capacity Auction today announcing they had awarded 1430.6 megawatts (MW) of capacity for the 2023 summer period and 1160 MW for the 2023/24 winter period.

From the broad range of eligible energy resources, Rodan Energy Solutions secured the largest amount of capacity in the auction. Rodan will manage over 350 MW of capacity in the upcoming year, which accounts for 25% of the available IESO capacity. These auction results again reinforce the position of Rodan as Canada’s largest Demand Response (DR) provider.

“The IESO’s Demand Response program is a clean, reliable and cost-effective capacity resource for the province,” says Paul Grod, President and CEO at Rodan. “The IESO’s directive to quickly procure additional megawatts helps to secure a sustainable energy future for Ontario.  We continue to support commercial and industrial facilities by helping them earn additional revenue and achieve their sustainable energy goals.”

Demand Response as a capacity resource will be used by the IESO to help the province manage summer and winter electricity system peaks. The annual capacity auctions are an important tool to meet Ontario’s power system needs and provide the flexibility required to enable the province to adapt to changing conditions. The capacity auction revenues help Ontario’s largest employers reduce their energy costs by paying them to reduce power consumption from the grid when needed by the IESO.

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Rodan Energy Solutions is the leading North American provider of Demand Response, Distributed Energy Resources (DER) asset optimization, and Energy Intelligence Solutions (EIS). Serving commercial and industrial energy users as well as power distribution and generation companies – we are committed to “Making Sustainable Attainable”.

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