Rodan Applauds OEB Supporting ICI Participation Flexibility

Rodan Applauds OEB Supporting ICI Participation Flexibility

Rodan Energy – Mississauga, December 20, 2022

Yesterday, the OEB released a new bulletin providing guidance to the IESO and electricity distributors regarding the Global Adjustment (GA) Regulations.  These guidelines are meant to help ensure greater participation in the Industrial Conservations Initiative (ICI). Rodan Energy applauds the release of this OEB bulletin as a positive development for Ontario power consumers.  The  guidelines support efforts by consumers to both manage their energy costs and actively participate in energy conservation.

The guidelines released in the bulletin are designed to protect the program eligibility status of consumers whose participation in an energy conservation initiative have resulted in their average monthly electricity demand dropping below the ICI programs eligibility threshold. The new “continued status” provision helps ensure consumers does not have to choose between ICI and their successful participation in an eligible energy conservation initiative.

Click here to read the full OEB bulletin

Overall, participation in the ICI program is a benefit to both the grid and eligible Ontario electricity consumers, also known as Class A consumers. The ICI program allows these consumers to lower their GA costs by reducing their consumption at times of peak demand for electricity in the province.

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