Electrification The Next Step in Zero-Emission Buildings

Electrification – The Next Step in Zero-Emission Buildings

New York passes its first-in-nation law to ban natural gas hookups and other fossil fuels in large buildings as of 2029. A positive step towards achieving our goals to lower our carbon footprint. Electrification is the next step in zero-emission buildings as this policy gains momentum.

With a new, and presumably large, rush of buildings resorting to a low-carbon strategy, stress on the power grid is inevitable, though the degree of impact is controllable.

Rodan’s team of experts are dedicated to helping the building industry to help them manage their distributed energy resources (such as batteries and generators) to deliver on their new goals.

To learn more about distributed energy resources, visit:https://www-test.rodanenergy.com/resources/energy-industry-news-blog/

To learn more about policy changes in New York, please visit:https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-environment/2023/05/03/newyork-gas-ban-climate-change/

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