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Energy News in Review

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Wynne defends move to put cost of cap-and-trade in delivery line on bills
Global News – Premier Kathleen Wynne is defending the decision to bury the cost of Ontario’s cap-and-trade plan in the “delivery” line on natural gas bills. The Ontario Energy Board announced last week that costs related to the Liberals’ climate change plan would not appear in a separate line item on consumers’ bills for natural gas, which is used to heat most homes in the province.

Rising hydro rates could cause ‘serious harm’ to Ontario’s economy, BMO chief economist says
Global News – Continued increases to the cost of electricity threaten to undermine the long-term competitiveness of Ontario’s economy, warns BMO’s chief economist Doug Porter. “It’s the sort of thing that works against the economy over a long period of time,” said Porter, who cites rising energy costs as one of the most significant factors weighing on consumer spending.

Investing in clean tech not enough, governments need optimal policy
The Globe and Mail – Governments across Canada are making support for green energy technology a top priority. But they should remember that simply providing subsidies to increase the supply of such tech is not enough. The optimal policy mix includes carbon pricing, to create demand for new tech, combined with government funding focused on developing distant techs not economical for private companies.

The case against privatizing Hydro One: McQuaig
Toronto Star – In the early 1900s, Toronto entrepreneur Henry Pellatt used his enormous wealth to build the most magnificent private residence ever seen in Canada -— a stunning palace that took 300 workers three years to construct and featured an oven large enough to cook an ox.


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