4 Ways an EMIS Solution Will Help You Optimize Your Facility's Energy Usage

4 Ways an EMIS Solution Will Help You Optimize Your Facility’s Energy Usage

4 Ways an EMIS Solution Will Help You Optimize Your Facility’s Energy Usage

Whether you’re running a five-star hotel property or top 10 university, your business could be using energy more efficiently. With an Energy Management Information System (EMIS), you can better understand your energy use, maximize usage and maintain the comfort of your customers.

Why You Could Use an EMIS

The goal of an EMIS is to help you make better use of energy, while preserving the core functions of your business. You can save energy while providing the same quality experience to those who frequent your facility.

By becoming more energy efficient, you’re not just helping your organization, you’re helping the entire world. By making your facility more energy efficient you can:

  • Save money
  • Improve the economy
  • Help the environment

An EMIS makes optimizing energy usage a more streamlined and manageable process. It plays a major role in a comprehensive energy management program (EMP), which helps you achieve full, sustainable benefits.

Here are just four ways an EMIS can help with your energy efficiency.

1. Understand When You’re Using Energy

With an EMIS, you can track your facility’s energy usage in real time from anywhere with energy dashboards. You can easily monitor different operations or common areas to determine when you’re using energy. With this data, you can define peak energy hours, helping you plan and optimize when to run and when to turn off various machines.

2. Determine Which Factors Contribute to the Most Energy Consumption

With modeling, you can understand which commodities and drivers are contributing to energy consumption. Everything from the weather to foot traffic can contribute energy usage. Energy analytics allow you to make smart decisions about your energy usage. Once you determine which factors cause high consumption, you can plan ahead by reducing use on days/times where consumption is normally low.

3. Get Automatic Alerts

In the day-to-day running of your facility, you have little time to track energy levels across your property. With automatic alerts, you get real-time notifications when abnormal energy events occur. Get tipped off when usage soars or falls to prevent bigger issues and spikes in costs.

4. Find Energy Saving Opportunities

When you reduce the energy consumption of your facility, you save. An EMIS provides visibility into what drives consumption. By integrating with your data, the solution can identify where usage is high and find areas where you can save. The process occurs in real time, providing you with actionable ways to improve with less turnaround time.

Improving the way you utilize energy can help you reduce costs and reduce your organization’s carbon footprint.

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