Energy in the News Sept 8th

This week’s energy headlines include the suspension of the National Energy Board (NEB)’s review of the Energy East pipeline project, a new OEB consultation on utility customer service, and a look at the Atikokan biomass facility.

TransCanada has requested a 30-day suspension of the NEB’s review of its Energy East pipeline project to assess how new criteria will affect the project’s costs and timelines, according to The Globe and Mail. Last month, the NEB announced that upstream greenhouse gas emissions would be considered in their revised review process.

In a press release, the Ontario Energy Board announced a new consultation to gather input from residential and small business consumers regarding customer service rules for Ontario’s energy utilities. Among many topics, the survey will look at disconnection policies, as well as payment policies around security deposits and the use of credit cards.

The latest TVO blog post looks at why the Atikokan biomass facility is not producing enough low-cost electricity, with the last Auditor General’s report pegging the cost at $1,600 per megawatt hour. Liberal MPP Bill Mauro is working with stakeholders to help the facility produce power full-time and bring down costs.

In other energy news, Union Gas has received two natural gas pipeline project approvals in rural, southern Ontario and the Fraser Institute’s Kenneth Green looks at the province’s energy efficiency programs in the Toronto Sun.

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