The Future of Energy is Distributed Generation

Starting in the late nineteenth century and continuing into the twentieth century, centralized power stations were the primary source of energy for most urban areas and industries, but today the world and economy are changing, and these outdated economies of scale are no longer providing the resources a company needs to stay competitive and sustainable in the modern market. Here at Rodan Energy we have the solution: distributed generation.

Distributed generation refers to decentralized microgrids that give large companies more control over the storage and generation of their own electricity. Disconnected from the centralized power stations and more autonomous, these smart microgrids are not as susceptible to problems associated with traditional power stations, such as grid disturbances and fluctuating rates. The sources of energy for distributed generation systems vary from hydroelectric to simple battery power storage.

Here at Rodan Energy we offer our clients dynamic, long term energy solutions that keep their companies competitive and resilient. Total reliance on traditional centralized power plants leads to unexpected downtime and lost profits, but with a distributed generation system companies can feel confident in their production. We deliver variable-scale energy solutions to clients looking for a sustainable future, so if you want to reduce your expenses and start innovating, we encourage you to get in touch with our team. The future of energy is here. Contact us today and start planning for the future.