Metering and monitoring solutions for large-industrial and commercial organizations

Metering and monitoring solutions for large-industrial and commercial organizations

Customer Focus: Industrial and Commercial


Rodan Energy provides a wide variety of metering and monitoring solutions for large-industrial and commercial organizations. We can help you increase efficiency, reduce your costs, and build detailed and effective future plans. We serve more than two hundred large institutional, commercial, and industrial customers.

What services can we offer you?

Transformer and Line Loss Calculations

Your Goal: Save substantially (or raise your generation revenue) by independently calculating Site Specific Loss Adjustment (SSLA) for your facility, rather than relying on utility default values.

Our Specific Objectives:

  • Use true system parameters, like Test Report Values, to ensure you are being compensated correctly.
    • Default values tend to be conservative from the utility’s point of view.
  • Perform transformer and line-loss calculations for large-load customers.

Regulatory and Market Support Services

Your Goal: Avoid delay or complication due to regulatory requirements.

Our Specific Objectives:

  • Research and ensure that you will comply with all pertinent requirements that apply to your facility, such as OEB, Measurement Canada, ESA, and NERC regulatory requirements, among others.

Remote Monitoring and SCADA Solutions

Your Goal: Connect a large project to the grid, and get real-time data on energy use.

Our Specific Objectives:

  • Use Remote Telemetry to get data on usage, for equipment such as: facility switches, breakers, and AVR signals.
  • Program and install IESO-approved Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) at your facility.
    • Perform end-to-end tests to ensure consistent transmission.
  • Ensure the minimum refresh rates can be met.
    • Includes selecting the best protocol to communicate with remote IEDs.
  • If needed: Redundant LAN paths to ensure superior up-time for your telemetry system.

These are just a few of the services we can provide for our large industrial and commercial customers. We also offer Protection and Control services, to make sure your facility can energize on schedule and not be stalled by electrical standards or unmet electrical needs. To find out more about our support teams, contact us today.

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