Recorded Webinar: Transform your power costs into a competitive advantage with Energent CP

Rodan Energy is pleased to announce the January release of our new Energent Coincident Peak (CP) software module, the latest addition to the Energent family of Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) tools!

Many of you have been waiting for this high impact, high value capability and we are ready to show you how this can be applied for peak management and Global Adjustment avoidance. Coupled with our Sygration Market Dashboard and Market Intelligence Services, Energent CP will be a powerful weapon in your quest to reduce your annual spend in electricity.

Energent CP gives you access to your energy data in real-time, and post analysis reporting, providing you with an assessment of your performance, including the financial impact of your actions. Understanding when and how you’re using power is the first step in really developing the strategies for successful energy spend reduction.

Join the Rodan Energy Product Team on Tuesday, February 27th or Tuesday, March 13th to hear all about the new release and get a first-hand look at the new features and functions!

Topics we will cover include:

  • Real-time views along with pre/post reporting
  • Observe pre-dispatch and actual market demand in Real-Time!
  • Compare facility demand against market demand
  • Monitor curtailment effort during a peak event
  • Market peaks and estimate their facility peak contribution
  • Estimate their peak avoidance savings from a calculated baseline
  • Export data as an JPEG, PDF or CSV for other use

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