Solutions for Power Producers

Solutions for Power Producers

Customer Focus: Power Producers

Rodan Energy caters to the unique needs of power producers. We are experienced and certified to provide metering services for nuclear, fossil, hydro-electirc, solar, wind, biomass, and flywheel generation. We know generators have specific difficulties to overcome.

What services do we offer?

Project Feasibility Studies

Your Goal: Avoid major technical or regulatory hurdles in your next power project.

Our Specific Objectives:

  • Identify suitable locations where you will have access to connect to the transmission and distribution grids.
  • Ensure there is sufficient capacity to connect your project.
  • Work with local controlling authority (CA) to identify system upgrades that you may need to build into your plan.

Protection and Control Services (P&C)

Your Goal: Facilities that energize on schedule, meeting the latest electrical standards.

Our Specific Objectives:

  • Design interconnection protection systems that protect your assets.
    • As needed: Protection coordination, relay settings, protection equipment specs, protection relays and panels, relay programming, fault analysis, testing and commissioning of P&C systems.
  • Work with controlling authority (CA) to make sure your plans are accepted and approved on time.

Remote Monitoring and SCADA Solutions

Your Goal: Obtain critical real-time information for your local control room, and for your local CA. And/or obtain data for logging sequence of events (SOE) to satisfy Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) requirements.

Our Specific Objectives:

  • Program and install IESO-approved Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) at your facility.
    • Perform end-to-end tests to ensure consistent transmission of the collected data.
  • Ensure the minimum refresh rates can be met.
    • Includes selecting the best protocol to communicate with remote IEDs.
  • If needed: Redundant LAN paths to ensure superior up-time for your telemetry system.

These are just a few of the services we can provide for utility customers. We also offer Transformer and Line Loss Calculations, allowing you to make sure you are being compensated correctly. Or you may be interested in our Regulatory and Market Support Services. To find out more about our support teams, contact us today.

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