Presentation: What Asset Optimization Can Do For You?

Presentation: What Asset Optimization Can Do For You?

The EDA (Electricity Distributors Association) hosted its annual technical conference EDIST 2021 as a fully online event over 2 days in January. With the theme “The Power of Resiliency,” EDIST delivered dual technical presentation tracks: engineering and operations/information systems.

Rodan Energy Solutions was honoured to add its industry thought leadership to this year’s engineering track with a presentation called “What Asset Optimization Can Do For You?” Nishant Gehani, Rodan’s Director of Engineering and DER Solutions, and Andrew Lam, Rodan’s Business Development Director, presented the merits of incorporating energy storage as an energy-saving resource and optimizing it for other cost benefits for businesses. They outlined a variety of use cases for energy users, including peak shaving, renewable integration, price arbitrage, and capacity market participation.

To learn more about how energy storage and asset optimization can benefit your business, visit Rodan’s Distributed Energy Resources webpage or contact Andrew Lam, Director, Business Development:
(416) 407-1721

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