Webinar: Staying Ahead of Global Adjustment with Peak Notification 2.0

Webinar: Staying Ahead of Global Adjustment with Peak Notification 2.0

Webinar: Join Adam Firchuk, Rodan’s Director of Business Development, on Thursday, June 11, 2020 to learn about how you can lower your energy expenditure with Peak Notification 2.0.

As the longest-serving Peak Notification provider in the province, count on Rodan’s experts to guide you through the volatility of the 2020 peak season.



20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes Q&A


  • Forecasted Global Adjustment (GA) & Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP) costs until 2035
  • Tracking Peaks in Real-Time
  • One Click Reporting

Rodan’s Peak Notification 2.0 Will Hit All Five Ontario Peaks!
Ask about our service level guarantees.

  • Do you need earlier notice to execute your curtailment plan?
  • Do you need a two-hour window for your battery?
  • Do you need fewer notices to reduce downtime costs?

Trust the Experts – Trust Rodan Energy!

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  • The leader and largest provider of demand response and peak prediction services in Canada for over 10 years.
  • Rodan has the strongest track record and continuous commitment to development.


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Minimize Your Global Adjustment Electricity Cost

Work with Rodan Energy. We make it easy for our clients by providing powerful software tools and facility data at your fingertips. As the largest demand response provider, we have the expertise to develop a curtailment plan that will maximize your savings.

Rodan Has The Right Solution For You

Rodan PN 2.0 combines industry-leading, machine-learning algorithms, proprietary data sets, weather data, market intelligence, unparalleled in-house expertise, and an impeccable record of success.


Media Contact:

Shamaila Siddique
Marketing Coordinator
Rodan Energy Solutions
905-625-9900 ext. 241

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