APPrO 2013 Canadian Power Conference & Networking Centre

On November 19th and 20th, 2013, Rodan Energy Solutions participated in APPrO 2013, the 25th Anniversary Canadian Power Conference & Networking Centre at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It was well attended and received with informative presentations on “The evolution of policy and regulation: What’s ahead for Ontario’s power sector?” and “Priorities for enhancing Ontario’s electricity market: What direction forward?”

The banquet dinner featured a keynote speech from Minister of Energy, Honourable Bob Chiarelli.
“We’ve made significant progress in conservation, avoiding almost $4-billion in system costs since 2005. Ontario’s green energy initiatives have created thousands of jobs while connecting 3,500 megawatts of the wind, solar, hydroelectricity and bio-energy to the grid – and much more to come. In the next 12 months over 3,000 MW, more will be added to the grid.”

The Minister also went on to say, “Implementation of the Long-term Energy Plan’s goals and framework will require our continued coordination and your ongoing support. In many ways, the launch of the LTEP will see Government “pass the baton” to industry, Local Distribution Companies, and consumers to take the vision we will soon outline and make it a reality. We are determined to ensure that Ontario families and businesses will have clean, affordable and reliable power delivered when and where they need it and by the public and private sectors working in partnership.”

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