Daily Peak Risk Widget

Daily Peak Risk Widget


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What is it?

The Daily Peak Risk widget in the Market Dashboard is a useful tool that can be used to quickly assess the demand peak risk for the day.

Why is it helpful?

Users can quickly evaluate the risk level to decide whether today will contain a top 5 Ontario Demand Peak or not. The widget provides information on the current peak demand forecast for the day, the hour of the forecasted peak, and the risk level of it becoming a top 5 demand peak. From a quick glance, Ontario Class A consumers will know if there is a risk of a peak.

How to best use it?

The widget is best used by placing it near the top of the Market Dashboard where it is most visible. The tool tracks the risk of a top 5 peak occurring during the day by using a traffic light system:

Green = Low Risk
Yellow = Medium Risk
Red = High Risk

The colours will change accordingly as the forecast is updated. This allows the user to assess the peak situation for the day.

To apply the Peak Demand Widget to your Market Dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Market Dashboard
  2. Click on Edit Dashboard from the top-left link menu:
  3. Click off the Daily Peak Risk Button in the desired location of your existing dashboard setup

If you have any questions about this tool or need help setting up your dashboard, please contact us here.

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