Directives to OPA from Minister of Energy

On Monday March 31, 2014, the Minister of Energy issued 5 new Directives to the OPA, one of which directly impacts Rodan Energy and our DR3 program. “We were well aware of this Directive and believe that it is a step in the right direction. I am confident that all these initiatives announced by the Minister will be great for the industry over the coming year,” said Rodan President, Paul Grod.

Directives to OPA from Minister of Energy
The OPA is bound by Directives issued under the Electricity Act, 1998 by the Minister of Energy which articulate Government policy.

1. 2015-2020 Conservation First Framework – In Achieving Balance: Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan (“LTEP 2013”),
2. Continuance of the OPA’s Demand Response Program under IESO management
3. Moving Forward with the Large Renewable Procurement (“LRP”) Process
4. Combined Heat and Power (“CHP”)
5. Procuring Energy Storage

To view the details of the Directives to the OPA, click here.

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