Grid modernization for Utilities and ISO's

Grid modernization for Utilities and ISO’s

Rodan Energy works with utilities and ISO’s to modernize their systems. Dynamic smart grids increasingly require up-to-date distribution systems and electricity transmission. The changes are necessary, and Rodan Energy can make it happen. More than 60 utilities and ISO’s have already utilized Rodan Energy’s expertise to improve their business.

What services do we offer?

Connection Impact Assessments (CIA)

Your Goal: Commit to as much embedded generation as the system allows (without compromising customer experience).

Our Specific Objectives:

  • Create a feeder model from distribution maps and data.
    • This is done with as much precision as possible, so that we can determine the impact of more generation with high accuracy.
    • We can directly download GIS formats such as ESRI, ArcGIS, and AutoDesk.
  • Analyze a generator’s impact, including:
    • voltage profile, ampacity issues, inrush currents, effects on the short-circuit levels on the feeder, transient analysis of faults and intermittent connections/disconnections, and tolerance of existing feeder protection settings, among others.
  • Assess whether passive anti-islanding schemes are sufficient or whether active islanding protection is recommended.
    • If so, we can implement remote trip and external relays in the most economical way.

Power Flow Study

Your Goal: Keep costs down for customers while maximizing the life of utility assets.

Estimated time for return on investment: 2 years

Our Specific Objectives:

  • Solve the load flow equations to find the best possible operating conditions for your utility.
  • Minimize:
    • System power losses (real and reactive)
    • Generation fuel costs
  • Maximize:
    • System performance
  • Optimize:
    • Power exchange between sub-grids (embedded generation, transfer points with other utilities, wholesale power points)
    • Capacitor placement

Asset Management and Condition Assessments

Your Goal: Plan your future replacement costs, instead of reacting as equipment fails.

Our Specific Objectives:

  • Initial asset survey/inspection and data gathering.
  • Full engineering evaluation.
  • Identify a timeline for when your assets should be replaced.
  • Calculate the impact and risk for each individual asset to the system.
  • Review current maintenance plans and schedules.
    • We also offer advice on replacement deferrals, as we realize you must balance improvement with cash-flow.
  • Build a strategic plan for maintenance and replacement of equipment.
    • We recognize that it is necessary to have a formal process so that costly decisions can be explained to stakeholders and regulators.

These are just a few of the services we can provide for utility customers. We also offer GIS Mapping, Regulatory/Market Support Services, and Remote Monitoring and SCADA Solutions. To find out more, contact us today.

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