IESO appoints Paul Shervill- Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at Rodan to Stakeholder Advisory Committee

The IESO Board has appointed Paul Shervill, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at Rodan Energy Solutions Inc., to the Stakeholder Advisory Committee as a representative for the Electricity Service Providers sector. Paul is a key member of the Senior Management Team at Rodan, an energy management organization that is well positioned to help represent the broad interests of the energy sector. In his capacity at Rodan, Paul provides senior level guidance on markets, business development and other strategic matters.

The IESO Stakeholder Advisory Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Board and management on market development and planning decisions, or any other matter that may be of concern to stakeholders. Visit the Stakeholder Advisory Committee web page at for more information.

Paul is exceptionally qualified to provide advice and recommendations directly to the IESO Board of Directors and Executive on market development and planning decisions given his 36-year career in energy, split between the public and private sectors. Paul retired from Ontario Power Authority in July 2010 having served as a member of the executive team since the inception of the Agency in 2005. He held vice presidential roles in market development, business development and conservation services. For 15 years prior to joining the Ontario Power Authority, he held senior roles in channel development, strategic alliances and environmental affairs with Union Gas Limited. His public sector career included several ministries and culminated in the position of Executive Director, Programs and Technology with the Ontario Ministry of Energy. Paul holds an Honours B.A. and a Master of Engineering (Environmental), from the University of Western Ontario.

Paul has effectively served on other boards and committees throughout his career including the Management Board of the Ontario Centre of Excellence in Energy, as a member of Ontario’s Smart Grid Forum and as a member of the National Advisory Council on Energy Efficiency. He has also been a member of the Canadian Gas Association’s Standing Committee on Sustainable Growth and the American Gas Association’s Strategic Marketing Committee.

About Rodan Energy Solutions Inc.

Rodan is a leading North American smart grid company delivering integrated energy solutions to electricity consumers, distributors and power producers. Combining our expertise in metering, energy management and demand response, we are enhancing power system reliability, reducing energy costs and developing a sustainable energy future.

Rodan’s credentials include registration with the IESO as a metering service provider (MSP), registration with Measurement Canada under the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act and authorization by the Professional Engineers of Ontario to provide engineering services. Rodan representatives have a long history of experience in working collaboratively with government, agencies and a range of other service providers.

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