Rodan Announces Strategic Energy Services Partnership with Rave Energy

Rodan Announces Strategic Energy Services Partnership with Rave Energy

PRINCETON, NJ., December 17, 2020: Rodan Energy Solutions USA is excited to announce a new strategic partnership agreement with Rave Energy of Plano, Texas, whereby Rave will promote, resell, and expand Rodan’s US product offerings.

“Rodan Energy is excited to be working closely with Rave Energy as we expand in the US,” said John Carroll, Managing Director of US Operations. “By joining forces and leveraging our combined reach, Rodan and Rave are perfectly positioned to deliver sophisticated wholesale and demand-side management solutions to our customers.”

By focusing on the end-use energy consumer, Rave Energy will promote and sell Rodan’s demand response services and their Energy Intelligence Suite, a package of advanced software products that includes Rodan’s industry-leading Market Dashboard and proprietary peak tracking services.  In combination with Rodan’s offering, Rave Energy’s brokerage and energy management services provide a powerful offering to savvy customers looking to aggressively lower energy costs and increase savings.

Rave currently works with manufacturing plants and property management companies across deregulated states. Rave’s team of specialist energy consultants monitor the energy market on behalf of our customers and purchase energy futures based on market peaks. Through Rodan’s next-generation technology, the Rave team will automate the process of demand-side market monitoring, peak notifications, and enhanced forecasting. Furthermore, Rave’s demand response enrollment program will be greatly enhanced through Rodan’s technology, knowledge, and industry experience.

“Rodan not only has amazing technology but also a wealth of knowledge and experience in energy curtailment, forecasting, and market tracking,” says Tarek Chowdhurry, Chief of Operations at Rave Energy. “The Rave team is thrilled with the possibilities that are now available to our partners to increase revenue and further improve energy efficiency through planned curtailment. Together, we can provide the very best end-to-end experience to customers on the supply and demand sides of energy. I am excited, as is our team and our partners.”

Mr. Carroll continues, “Rodan is investing heavily in the US market by adding to our direct sales team, strengthening our local regulatory and policy staff, and accelerating the continuous development of our market operations. The partnership with Rave has provided us with further validation that large energy consumers see improving their energy intelligence as a pathway for unlocking greater energy savings.  Rave has already helped open-up new channels to end-use consumers, giving us confidence in our prospects for continued success.”

Additional information on the Rodan-Rave partnership, as well as a complete breakdown of products and services being offered, can be found on the Rodan website under Solutions Partners.

About Rodan Energy Solutions (

Rodan Energy, a leading North American provider of distributed energy resource asset optimization, demand response services, power systems engineering, metering, and energy management information systems, delivers valuable solutions to large commercial and industrial energy users as well as power distribution and generation companies.

Our expertise ensures our customers minimize their energy costs, maximize efficiencies, enhance power system reliability, and help develop a sustainable energy future.

Rodan’ s US operations are headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey and the Canadian head office is located in Mississauga, Ontario. The Western Regional office is located in Calgary, Alberta and the innovation hub in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

 About Rave Energy (

Based in Plano, Texas, Rave energy applies technology to understand how businesses can use energy more efficiently and then offers energy contracts customized to individual needs. Through a dedicated account management process, Rave works with medium to large scale businesses to build a tailored energy usage plan for more efficient use of energy.  Rave’s experts are highly experienced in working with large scale businesses to understand their active hours, peak hours and spike rates to offer a tailor-made plan that lowers the costs of energy and helps the environment through efficient use. The Rave team also advises the business of all available grants and credits available for efficient energy use.

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