Rodan Energy President Named Among “Top 100 Influencing Canada's Global Future”


Paul Grod, President of Rodan Energy and National President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC), has been named by the Embassy Magazine & Hill Times’ Power and Influence magazine as one of the top 100 people influencing Canada’s global future.

To determine who was named on the list, the Power and Influence team spoke with “20 people who are in government or have dealt with it up close.” The magazine states that those who are on the list “tend to be people the government listens to, people who shape policy and not just say it, people whose influence is shown through results, not just those with the loudest voices.” “It’s a combination of access to power, experience, demonstrated ability to effect change or simply a powerful job.” “The winners are broken down by category (which are in no particular order), and ranked from most to least influential within the category.”

A full copy of the Spring 2014 Power and Influence issue can be found here: [LINK]

“I am honoured to be included on such a distinguished list of Canadians. This is truly an acknowledgement of the work of thousands of volunteers in our community,” said Grod. “I am extremely grateful to all our volunteers who dedicate countless hours at our local branches and member organizations. They are the unsung heroes who are the backbone of our community.”

According to Power and Influence, “While the engaged Ukrainian-Canadian community of more than 1.2 million has always had some clout with the federal government, Mr. Grod has energized and organized it to a level not seen before…” Grod was ranked #21 in the survey and first in the category of Diaspora & Civil Society.

Given the current political, territorial and economic challenges Ukraine faces, it is now more important than ever for Canada continue lead the international community in supporting Ukraine. The UCC remains committed to working in a non-partisan manner with all political parties, government officials, NGOs and organizations across the country in building on the progress made thus far.

“We are grateful for the steps our Government and all Parliamentarians have taken in terms of standing up for Ukraine on the world stage,” said Grod. “Showing strong international leadership in support of Ukraine during this critical time in her history is not only important to members of our community, but indeed to all Canadians and to global security.”

To read the feature on Paul Grod: click here

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