Rodan Energy Provides Power Grid Reliability Support for Toronto

In response to an appeal from the IESO, Rodan Energy dispatched its large portfolio of demand response resources to reduce the strain on Toronto’s power grid. In the wake of yesterday’s severe flooding, many parts of the City of Toronto and surrounding areas experienced and continue to experience power outages.

“As Ontario’s first and largest provider of demand response resources, we are pleased that our portfolio of demand response resources were able to contribute to system reliability in Toronto,” stated Paul Grod, Rodan’s CEO. “Demand response is a clean, reliable and cost effective electricity system resource that is able to quickly respond to manage power shortages. In this case where Hydro One could not get enough power into Toronto, Rodan was able to reduce the amount of power being consumed by its commercial, industrial and institutional clients.”

Rodan Energy is a leading smart grid integrator providing energy management and demand response solutions to the power system.

For more information visit or contact Bonnie Kuk tel. (905) 625-9900 ext. 244.

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