Webinar: 2017 ICI Changes and Energy Saving Opportunities

Webinar: 2017 ICI Changes and Energy Saving Opportunities

Businesses in Ontario now have the ability to strategically reduce their energy bill!

Rodan Energy is uniquely qualified in Canada as the trusted leader in Demand-Side Management. We know that managing energy costs is not an easy task. As a result, clients turn to us for the right tools and experience needed to help them make intelligent energy decisions that generate revenue and reduce their energy spend.

During our webinar, you’ll learn why Rodan Energy is the right choice to provide a comprehensive strategy for Ontario’s new ICI program. We will also introduce you to other energy saving opportunities being deployed by Canada’s top companies. With the right tools and guidance, your organization can save up to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by making small adjustments to your energy usage at the right time.

Webinar topics will include: 

  • What is Global Adjustment and how does it work?
  • Learn how to take full advantage of the new ICI Program and rules
  • Understand why companies are choosing us to reduce their energy spend
  • Learn about the number #1 rated, real-time dashboard tool that can help you predict the peaks (reduce your Global Adjustment charges)
  • Gain an understanding of what methods of load reduction are right for your facility

Webinar Dates: April 27th  (10:30am)

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