PowerTracker It Can Save You Thousands!

PowerTracker – It Can Save You Thousands!


It’s always nice to have another powerful tool in your arsenal when it comes to managing your power assets. The PowerTracker solution is a management system consists of risk management, tracking, auditing, and bill verification throughout your entire portfolio. Integrating our software with accomplished energy analysts enables new cost-saving discoveries with the automation of your site portfolio.


PowerTracker has a plethora of useful features under its belt including:

  • A distinct two-part service providing an analyst and database for portfolio management.
  • Our effective and experienced team will study your data and perform critical cost-savings assessments.

We have six selectable streams that are designed for cost-savings and risk management functionality.

  1. Discovering sites for the possible buy down and/or salvage opportunities where relevant.
  2. Supervise and locate power factor issues while making adjustments where required.
  3. Validate meter and billing reads to certify utility charges.
  4. Oversee grid connections through energization.
  5. Organize acquisitions and dispositions of contracts and power sites.
  6. Cost-centre confirmation and upgrading to ensure accurate allotments.

Having these six streams available to you will allow you to customize the best plan for your power management needs.


PowerTracker has many benefits including:

  • Eliminating the need for multiple contractors.
  • Providing billing certainty for your piece of mind.
  • Easy to track audit-able savings.
  • Risk-free solutions to divesting property.
  • Monthly fee included updates and software refinement.

Choosing our PowerTracker software and service will provide a stress-free way to power management!

To learn more about PowerTracker visit our website here, or contact us for more information.

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