Distributed Generation, Empowering the Future of Business

Distributed Generation, Empowering the Future of Business

Major centralized power companies have long held the energy markets, and the purse strings, of business. And if your company operates during peak times your business pays higher rates for the power it needs to be successful. For too long businesses have lived in a pay or fail system, but with success comes innovation and change.

It is possible to find meaningful long term energy solutions for your company with distributed generation of power. Many companies are turning to on-site power generation to reduce their electrical spending. According to the Huffington Post article, How Distributed Generation is Revolutionizing Energy in Canada, “There is a way we can lower these charges in the long term and it’s dead simple. Generate the electricity where the demand is and you don’t have to spend billions of dollars.”

Distributed Generation means that a private company generates, stores and uses their own electricity in part, or in total, to reduce the amount of power they pay for directly from the major power companies. It can be good for the environment and for your businesses bottom line to find alternatives to centralized power purchasing.

In commercial and industrial based companies that means generating power with wind, solar, hydroelectric, backup generators, biomass combustion, fuel cell or other technologies, or a combination of these practices. When companies generate the power they need local to their business it reduces the need for updating, rebuilding or expanding the power company infrastructures too.

Generating Power May Not Equal Savings Alone

The idea of distributed generation is solid and forward thinking, but making power won’t necessarily save your company money if you can’t manage it’s use. Rodan Energy Solutions is your partner in long term measurable savings. With our efficient energy management technology, engineering, and metering solutions, we are leaders in demand-side management solutions for large electricity users and actively empowering the future and growth of business.

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