What are the Benefits of DER?

Ontario’s energy prices have increased 71 percent since 2008. This increase has most certainly been felt, particularly by industrial businesses. What it means for these businesses is less money available to use for providing products and services to the public. Distributed Energy Resources (DER), along with thoughtful energy management, is the key to overcoming this dilemma. Rodan Energy is pleased to provide this powerful energy solution to you at zero to low cost. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Because energy doesn’t have to be provided at a fixed cost, we can help you manage, control, and reduce your energy costs.
  • We can help you take advantage of Demand Response incentives that not only help modernize the electric grid, but can result in financial compensation for you as well as lowered electricity costs over time.
  • By analyzing your energy consumption data, we can help you reduce your consumption during peaks to reduce your Global Adjustment costs.
  • We are able to assess your power reliability and provide our expertise to help you reduce lost revenue that comes from unplanned power interruptions and reduce the impact of power interruptions to your crucial operations.
  • Our extensive reporting tools give you the information about your energy use that you need to make timely decisions. Some of the reports we provide through our energy management dashboard include automatic energy reports, as well as quarterly energy reviews with our energy analysts.
  • We are a licensed Meter Service Provider, able to help energy-intensive businesses to access reliable services in order to gain insight into peak load times and market prices.
  • Not all companies have the same needs. Our Distributed Energy Resources are scalable, providing the flexibility to meet the unique needs of your company.
  • We will build, own, manage, and operate the turnkey solution, meaning hassle-free cost savings for you.

Take control of your energy consumption and the costs related to it. Let us help. Contact us today to get started.