How Businesses Save Big with Distributed Generation

How Businesses Save Big with Distributed Generation

Is your company prepared for another energy hike? As North American energy consumption increases, energy costs to Canadian business owners are expected to increase as well. The good news is there is a turnkey solution available to businesses at no cost—and the benefits are worth looking into.

The solution is distributed generation, an on-site energy solution that comes with substantial energy savings. Keep reading for more information on this innovative technology and how it can benefit you.

What is Distributed Generation?

Distributed generation, also known as distributed energy, is energy that is produced and/or stored by devices known as distributed energy resources (DER). These localized systems run on renewable energy sources, making them economical and sustainable.

Having a system installed by Rodan Energy Solutions comes at zero cost to you, including installation, operation and management.

How Can Distributed Energy Save My Company Money?

With no costs or risks to the company, distributed generation combines the benefits of demand-based energy consumption control and sizable savings on your bill. By allowing us to manage and operate your DER system, we work with local power sources to mitigate peak energy usage and pass on the savings to you. Full benefits of a distributed energy system include:

  • Lower energy consumption;
  • Significantly reduced energy bills;
  • Environmentally friendly energy consumption;
  • Complete management and operation by Rodan Energy.

On-site generation is becoming one of the top energy solutions across various Canadian industries as it is a low-risk option with high return potential.

Is On-Site Generation Right for Me? 

Many buildings and office spaces can benefit from a Rodan Energy distributed generation system. To learn more about on-site generation and how to start saving on your energy bills, call of our knowledgeable energy advisors at (866) 999-5006 or fill out our online contact form today.



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