Energy in the News

Energy in the News


Ontario Helps Custom Equipment Maker Expand in Cambridge. Government of Ontario News. December 10, 2015. 
Ontario is partnering with Eclipse Automation to grow the company’s Cambridge plant while creating 15 new jobs and retaining 173 positions. The government will be providing over $200,000 in funding to expand its facilities and buy new equipment to increase their capacity and increase exports into new and existing markets. Read more:

Wynne defends $9.2 billion cost of Ontario government’s green energy program. CTV News. December 10, 2015.
Premier Kathleen Wynne defended the government’s decision to invest in renewables, which the Auditor General’s report says cost consumers $9.2 billion more for wind and solar power contracts. Wynne says there was a cost to getting rid of coal and the result is better air quality. Read more:

Hydro rebate process confusing, unfair Ontario residents say. CBC Sudbury. December 10, 2015.
The Ontario Electricity Support Program is meant to help low income people pay some of their electricity bill with relief between $30 and $75 a month, but some northern residential customers are finding it difficult to apply for the new hydro tax credit. Read more:

Activists say Ontario’s 10 km primary response zone at nuclear plants isn’t safe enough. National Post. December 10, 2015.
Greenpeace and the Canadian Environmental Law Association filed a request under the Ontario environmental bill of rights asking the Ontario Ministry of Health to do an evidence-based review of the policy surrounding distribution of iodine pills to residents living within 10 km of a nuclear power plant. Read more:

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