National Energy Strategy Signed by Canadian Premiers

At this year’s Council of Federation  held in St. John’s, Newfoundland, a new national energy strategy was at the center of the negotiations. Referred to by The Globe and Mail as “one of the most important pieces of policy provincial and territorial leaders have ever crafted,” the Canadian Energy Strategy will act as a master plan for the future of oil, gas, and electricity. After two days of negotiations, on July 17  the Premiers released an agreement  that aims to balance competing needs of affordable energy and low carbon emissions. The deal intends to leverage lucrative oil and gas resources and pipeline projects while still including discussions on climate change and renewable energy.

Although the strategy has been criticized for privileging pipeline expansion in the midst of a devastating pipeline oil spill in northern Alberta, Premier Wynn maintains that the deal balances “a strong economy and strong environmental protection.” The strategy is anchored by three main themes: sustainability and conservation, technology and innovation, and delivering energy to people. An agreement for a national energy plan has been on the agenda for Canadian premiers since 2012. And we can Hope few more best things in upcoming new year 2017.

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